August 20, 2017

Process to Move CNA Certification from Texas Transfer to Washington

Life can take turns we don’t expect and the first thing you know, you find yourself leaving a job and moving to another state.  How do you get your CNA Certification from Texas Transfer to Washington?

On the positive side, you will make more money in Washington State than Texas. There is a process involved to get going on so as soon as you know you will be moving, don’t wait until you get to Washington, but get going as soon as possible.

Contact the Washington State Board of Health and request a Nursing Assistant Certified/Endorsement Application Packet.  You can download off the Internet. It is a 19-page document with all the information you need to so get started!

Look over the documentation you will need to complete and pull it together as it make take a little time as you will more than likely be very busy.  You will need to also have part of this application signed by the Nurses’ Registry in Texas and these things take time.

Included in the process of CNA Certification from Texas Transfer to Washington will be authentication of your training by the program director where you took your training as well as your CNA work history.  Don’t fill out section that is to be completed by the program director.

Your current CNA license will need to be verified by your home state.  The Out of State Verification form will need to be completed and then sent to Washington State.  The application will include areas that are not applicable so just cross out and put NA. Make sure you check “Certified Nursing Assistant by Interstate Endorsement.”

Once you have completed the application and have your documentation and all the signatures, the CNA Certification from Texas Transfer to Washington process is almost completed.  Send the $48.00 fee to the Washington State Department of Health.  The address will be on the application.  They will review the document and if you met all the criteria and filled it out properly, you will be placed in the Washington State Nurse’s Registry and on your way to a new job making more money.  Have a great move!



  1. How many time can you take the Texas cna exam?

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