August 20, 2017

Questions for Nursing Assistants in Washington State

Licenses for Nurse Assistants are required in Washington State. This prerequisite is imposed upon by the Washington State Department of Health. To become a CNA, or presently known as Nurse Assistant – Certified (NAC), the state has established particular requirements. This includes thorough testing and training provided by a state-accepted facility including nursing homes, private schools or community colleges. Training facilities supplies training certificates to the applicants at the end of the course. The average cost of such course is $655. A minimum of 85 hours of training should be met. Bloodborne Pathogens Training or HIV/AIDS training should also be taken as a requirement of the state. This should be conducted for an additional seven hours and proper documentation must be provided. Every fact should be known by heart to answer all of the questions for nursing assistants in Washington State.

An exam for nursing assistant certification is required to be an NAC. After the comprehensive training, students must secure the required information from the training facility so as to take the exam. Even if the test details are from the facility, it should be noted that the test is not given by the facility. The questions for nursing assistants in Washington State are prearranged by the state’s NAC board. After the exam, the test results are sent to the Washington State Department of Health along with the student’s application.

In the application process, questions for nursing assistants in Washington State are not your main concern. In this stage, tests for mental and physical tests are done. Questions about previously denied or revoked licenses, previous felonies and chemical dependency are asked. This step prepares you for employment. Other requirements such as Washington State Patrol background check should be approved. This process costs $30 which includes entering every data n their computer system.

After passing the exam and fulfilling the dream to become a NAC, the licensed nursing assistant should opt to renew their licenses before the day of their birthday. Continuing education involving questions for nursing assistants in Washington State are not necessary. A fee of $40 is paid along with a penalty for late renewals of less than a year. For expired license of more than a year but less than two years, reactivation is necessary but for those with more than two years, training and testing should be repeated.

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