August 22, 2017

Questions on CNA Exam

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and the need for competent nursing assistants continues to rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in US, nursing assistant occupations are increasing by 26% in 2016. Last 2008, it has already increased by 18% which is increasing faster than any other occupations in the medical field. Since jobs are widely available under this field, a lot of individuals want to get employed and become a nursing assistant. However, you must be a certified nursing assistant before you can start working in nursing homes in any state in the US. To be able to pass the exam, you must answer 70-item questions on CNA exam and obtain a passing rate of 80%.

You should be aware that the exam has two parts. You have to prepare for the written part and the clinical skills test evaluation. For the written part, questions on CNA exam are based on the previous lessons you have learned during the duration of your CNA program. Test questions are answerable in multiple choices so you have to be careful in picking out the right answer. You have to do this since in most states, failure to pass the written exam will inhibit your chance of moving on the next level which is the clinical skills test evaluation.

As for the clinical skills test evaluation, you will be asked to answerquestions on CNA exam and perform 3 to 5 clinical practices to gauge your competency in performing basic caregiver skills. You might be asked to bring another person who will act as your patient during the skills evaluation. A registered nurse will stand as your evaluator together with other medical practitioners. You need to perform indicated tasks and will be rated accordingly.

The healthcare industry needs competent workers who are qualified to be professional nursing assistants. For you to take part in this industry, getting the right answers on questions on CNA exam and performing the assigned tasks in the skills evaluation will get you pass through the certified nursing examination. Although you might find the CNA exam nerve-wrecking, the rewards you will get are great the moment you pass.


  1. colby barton says:

    How many items in cna exam?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This would vary from state to state. In florida, this is 60 multiple choice questions and the time would be 90 minutes for the theory test

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