August 22, 2017

Receiving CNA Certification Denver

When you have CNA certification Denver, you can work in a variety of positions. The most common position involves working in a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home. Nurse aides can also easily find employment in other healthcare settings, such as assisted living facilities, hospices, and schools. Another possible career for a certified nursing assistant includes working as a home health care aide. Your training can also prepare you to enter a degree program for another form of nursing, such as being a Registered Nurse.

CNA certification Denver is overseen by the State Board of Nursing. One of the board’s responsibilities is to approve the curriculum used in career schools and colleges for CNA training. You will need to test TB-negative and must also pass a reading test before enrolling. Most students will be able to complete a nurse aide course in one or two months. A typical course includes 86 hours of classroom and clinical training. Some schools offer extended programs that teach additional skills. Many of these offer bridge programs that allow you to use your training as credit towards a nursing degree. This is a good way to become employed as a nursing assistant while working on a degree.

Your CNA certification Denver will be complete once you’ve taken the exam required by the state. This test allows you to prove your skills in both a written portion and a hands-on portion. The questions will concern material learned in your classroom sessions, including nursing skills, safety issues and privacy or ethical issues. A passing score will enable you to be listed in the state nursing assistant registry. You should be able to secure employment as a nurse aide fairly easily after you finish the course.

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