August 16, 2017

Receiving CNA Certification in Colorado

The CNA certification in Colorado program is fairly extensive. Some colleges provide the training in two semesters instead of one, allowing more topics to be covered. The material will cover basic patient care, patient safety practices, privacy issues and how to cope with emergencies. Part of the course involves working in a healthcare setting, where practical skills will be put to use with actual patients. In some schools, the credit earned from CNA coursework can be transferred to a more advanced nursing program.

Before you commit to a CNA certification in Colorado school, it’s important to make sure it meets state criteria. If not, your application for a license will be denied. 80 hours of training are required by state-approved programs. This includes both the classroom training and the healthcare facility training. There are well over 100 approved schools that offer the training that you need. This allows you to easily locate a school close to where you live. Most schools offer schedules that are ideal for working students. These can include night and weekend classes.

Before you receive the CNA certification in Colorado, it’s necessary to take the exam required by the state. A passing grade is required for you to be able to be listed on the nursing assistant registry. You should use appropriate test preparation materials to help ensure a good grade. These include practice tests that include similar questions to what appears on the exam. The test includes a written part with multiple choice questions, as well as a demonstration of skills using a volunteer. Once the test has been passed, you can begin to seek employment as a nursing assistant.

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