August 23, 2017

Red Cross CNA Training: The Pointers to Ponder

Those of you who are looking at pursuing a career in nursing need to consider the multifarious training options available. American Red Cross is one of such training provider that needs to be intently considered. Founded by Clara Barton in the year 1881, the American Red Cross (ARC) emerged as one of the best emergency response group in the US. It is very popular in the arena of humanist training and efforts across the globe.

The Pros and Cons of Red Cross CNA Training

The Red Cross CNA training complies to the requirements posed by the different states across the US. The nursing assistant training offered by Red Cross not only includes class room talks but also has laboratory classes and hands on experience in a hospital or a clinic setting. The hour allocation for each of these strictly adheres to the CNA training requirements of each state.

Yet another noteworthy factor that needs to be looked at is the hands – on that the students get as a part of the training. In case of the nursing aide training offered by Red Cross, the clinical settings have all the major hospital equipments that the students would need to get accustomed to. Samples include the ready availability of practice mannequins, Hoyer lifts, bed pans, wheelchairs, BP monitors and the like.

red cross cna traning

Adding feather to the cap of the the CNA trainings conducted by Red Cross, is the reality that these courses are enormously fast paced. Usually, the Certified Nursing Assistant trainings generally take away at least 6 or more months to start with. But, in case of the training offered by the Red cross, the students tend to complete and get employed as a certified nursing assistant within a span of a couple of months.

CNA programs offered by Red Cross pay for the state exams that the students take at the end of the test whereas this might not be the case in most of the other CNA trainings.

One of the major disadvantage associated with these trainings from the perspective of the student is the fact that these trainings are not available at free of cost. The students might have to spend at least $1000-$2000 to complete the course. In reality, nothing remarkable comes for free and that goes well with the Red Cross CNA trainings too. However, the money that you spend is worth the pace at which you would be taking up this training.

This training does not take your prior experiences in this arena into consideration while most of the other nursing aide courses take your prior trainings/experiences into consideration.

With all, in spite of the couple of cons, the Red Cross Certified nursing aide trainings are worth and definitely pave way to a bright and prosperous career in the health care industry!


  1. Antoine Whitfield says:

    How long does CNA Red Cross take?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This will vary depending on the time that you have. It also depends on the hours of operation of your local red cross chapter. Inquiring there is the best option On an average it is between 3-6 weeks

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