August 22, 2017

Renew CNA License: How?

You were a certified nursing assistant before and due to certain reasons you left your job. This is where it is crucial for you to know the requirements for renewing your expired certified nursing assistant certification. You need to beware of the fact that if you have worked for sometime as a CNA in your state within the lat two years, you can renew CNA license.

Here are the following steps which you will have to perform before renewing your CNA license.

Contact your state’s nursing board: You might want to start your renewal campaign by contacting your state’s nursing board. You have to contact the right people and discuss with them about how you can renew your CNA license in your state. The reason for that is CNA renewal rules keep changing from state to state. There are guidelines on how things have to be done, so it is best for you to contact or visit your state’s nursing board’s website.

Fill the renewal form correctly: Many applicants make the mistake of filling their renewal form carelessly. They don’t take the filling seriously. You must avoid this mistake by including only relevant information on your personal data. Only give the information that is useful for you job and as asked in the renewal application form.

Your health care employer will have to fill out the second section about your work. Your employer can be the present or the previous one during the past 24 months. You must remember to put your sign and date on the application form in the right place. Go through your application form just to make sure that there are no errors and mail the application form to the right mailing address.

Usually it takes few weeks for the state nursing board to respond to your mail. Incase they have still not replied to your mail for more than a month, then you might want to directly meet somebody from the state’s nursing board or contact them regarding your CNA license renewal Though many states have the online option, it is better to use the postal method as you get the seal along with the post. This is very useful when you apply for a job in a nursing home or a health care organization.

Retake your state certification exam: Supposing you have done work in a health care organization within the past 24 months, you might have to appear for your CNA exam again. Many states in the United States require you to enroll into a nursing assistant certification program before you appear for your CNA exam.

But, this condition can vary from state to state. You will have to make sure that you confirm this condition and then retake your CNA exam.

So, good luck when you renew CNA license. Prepare well if you have to retake your certification exam and give your best in your work.


  1. marcel medina says:

    How do i renew my cna if its expired?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      In this case, you might have to retake the exam. You need to fill up the corresponding application and get registered to take the certification again.state department of Business and Professional Regulation or state Licensing Board is the best place that can give you that information. A part of the test can also be retaken and this needs to be confirmed with the nurse aide registry

  2. Shirley Mason says:

    The reason you cannot renew your cna licence?

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