August 23, 2017

Renew CNA License In Florida: The Procedure Involved

According to the latest job statistics available in the state of Florida, there are more than 80,000 certified nurse aides (CNAs), which is quite a high number. This plainly shows that the need for CNAs is on the rise due to the increase of elderly and sickly in the state. Usually doctors or registered nurses find it quite difficult to spend quality time with the patient.


They don’t have the luxury of time to talk with the patient, help him/her to the loo, help them move around or even read a book for them. Though the CNA job profile sounds quite easy, it takes many years of practice to accomplish and perform better. This job requires lot of patience and a cheerful personality.


If you are a CNA who is currently working and got your nursing assistant license from the state of Florida, then you need to beware of the fact that your CNA license is valid for only two years. It is vital that you renew your CNA license on time otherwise your license might get cancelled or become invalid. You need to know how to renew your CNA license in the state of Florida.


Here are few steps which will help you renew CNA license in florida.


Complete 24 hours of in-service training: You must first of all make sure that you complete your mandatory 24 hours of in service training during your two year period while your CNA license is active. This is a very important point, which you as a CNA need to take note of. Almost all the states in the country have this condition.


Your 24 hours in service training usually consists of topics like communicating you’re your patient, hoe to control infections, know about resident rights, how to prevent medical errors, and other related topics. You can find more information by browsing through the Florida Department of Health website to get names of approved institutes that offer CNA training.


Complete the renewal application: Once you have applied few months before your CNA license expiry date, you will receive your license renewal notice. You must make sure that you fill out the application and mail it to the right address. You can also apply through online, but it would better to use the postal system. In case you don’t receive any reply after few weeks you can contact Florida’s License Services on 850-488-0595.


Pay the licensing fee: You will have to pay the licensing fee, which is a nominal $55 to get your CNA license renewed in Florida. If you are using the online method, then you can use your credit or debit card to pay the renewal fees.


As you can you can easily renew CNA license in florida. As a CNA you must always maintain a positive frame of mind as you will be dealing with elderly patients and individuals who are lonely and need help. Your smile and cheerfulness with brighten up their dull life. It is important to enjoy your work as a CNA.


  1. How much will renewal cna license cost?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This will depend on the state you are in. The best option is to call your nurse aide registry and get to know this informaton

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