August 22, 2017

Renew my CNA license: How?

A certified nursing assistant or a CNA is a healthcare professional who must take care of patients in nursing homes and hospitals. A CNA must know how to perform basic nursing procedures which includes taking blood pressure readings of the patient, sugar readings of the patient, helping the patient use the loo and on the whole live in dignity.

A CNA must also know how to perform emergency techniques and use medical equipments. A certified nursing assistant usually works under a registered nurse (RN). The best way to enter the healthcare sector is to become a CNA. You get more exposure to the healthcare industry and succeed here.

This might lead you to wonder, how I can renew my CNA license. When you are a licensed CNA it is vital that you must renew your license. If not you won’t be able to work and practice as a CNA not only in your state but also in the United States.

This is how you can renew your CNA license.

Contact the nursing board of your state: You can renew you CNA license by first contacting your state’s nursing board. You can either call them up or email them. You must make sure that you are talking to appropriate people on renewing your CNA license. CNA renewal rules keep changing every year and may vary from state to state.

Your state’s nursing aide registry would have all the information that you need to renew your CNA license.

Submit the renewal form: Here comes the tough part. Candidates usually don’t fill up the renewal forms properly, which causes lot of confusion for the authorities. You must make sure that you fill up your CNA renewal form carefully. Fill in the relevant data in your CNA renewal application form.

You must enter information that has been asked in the renewal application form. Usually the renewal forms have two parts to be filled. The first part has to be entered by you, while the second part has to be entered by your health care employer. It is also a good idea to go through the renewal application form once you have filled it. Finally, you have to mail it to the right mailing address.

It takes few weeks to receive your mail from the state nursing board. You might want to use the postal option as you get the seal along with the post.

Write your state CNA certification test: You will have to retake your CNA test after you have completed 24 months of work in a health care organization.

There you go and that’s just it. Now that you have understood as to how torenew my CNA license, go ahead and do it with ease whenever there is a need for it. All the best with your CNA career!


  1. How do i know when to renew my cna license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Check out the CNA license card. It would tell you the expiration date. In the last 3 months before the actual expiry date, you can usually apply for renewal.

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