August 22, 2017

Renewing CNA license

According to the latest job statistics in the United States, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are in heavy demand. The reason could be doctors and nurses are so preoccupied with their work that they don’t have the time to spend with patients. Patients can find it hard to move around and need someone to look after their needs.

This is the ideal opportunity for certified nursing assistants to work and help patients. A certified nursing assistant usually works under a registered nurse (RN) in a health care system, which can either be a hospital or nursing home. Certified nursing assistants can find employment in nursing homes, hospitals, day care homes, etc.

However, did you know that when your CNA license expires, you must renew it? The reason for that is because when your CNA license is not renewed you can’t continue to work as a certified nursing assistant. Your CNA license needs to be renewed once in every two years before December 31st.

Renewing CNA license is easy if you following the steps described below:

Fill up a renewal form: You would have to first request your state’s nursing board for a CNA renewal form. You can get through the nurse aide registry. Once you get your renewal form, you have to fill in all the personal data that has been asked. Usually renewal forms consist of two sections.

The first section has to be filled in by you and the second section has to be filled in by your healthcare employer. Your healthcare employer has to be someone under whom you have worked in the previous two years.

Sign and mail your renewal form: You must sign the renewal form at the right places and mail your renewal form to the proper authorities. Usually it takes few weeks for CNA renewal form to get processed. You can also check the status of your renewal application form through online. Supposing you have not heard or received from the nursing board, then you might want to contact nursing board.

Retake your CNA exam: You will have to retake your CNA exam if you have not worked as a CNA in the last two years. However, you will have to appear and take a nursing assistant course before giving your CNA certification exam. You have to fulfill all the conditions before taking your CNA exam.

You can find more information on this by visiting your state’s nursing board. Once you get your CNA renewed you can continue working as a CNA again. So, it is always better to keep renewing your CNA license from time to time.

As you can see, renewing CNA license is not a tedious task. It is a tedious task when you are not aware of the above steps given in the article. Good luck with renewing your CNA license.


  1. horace gould says:

    How do renew my CNA licence in nyc?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      New York Department of Health or the Bureau of Professional Credentialing has all information pertaining to this. Usually the renewal fee in NYC is $40. This is paid by the employer. The renewal is done automatically if you care able to shoe 7 work hours in the prior 2 year period.

  2. wyatt beck says:

    My cna expired how do i get it back?

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