August 22, 2017

Requirements for CNA Certification When You Have Nursing Credits

Learning the requirements for CNA certification when you have nursing credits can lead to a great way to earn a steady income throughout your schooling years. Nursing school is a long process and many people need to provide for themselves while expanding their education. As a certified nursing assistant, you will be able to become familiar with the inner workings of a hospital before you finish your nursing degree. CNAs report to the nursing staff so you will also develop a good understanding of what your future coworkers experience on a day-to-day basis.

Most states have similar requirements for CNA certification when you have nursing credits. As long as you have one full semester under your belt and at least 40 clinical hours, you will be approved to skip the normal training course. Some states also mandate that potential certified nursing assistants have at least a 76 GPA in every class. You can find out what requirements you must meet by contacting the Board of Nursing.

If you meet the education criteria, you will probably still have to sit for the exam. Although not all states require this step, most make all applicants take this test. It consists of a written exam and a skills test. For the written section, you can expect to have about two hours to answer 50 or more multiple-choice questions. The skills test is a practical exam where you must perform various techniques that are required for the position.

If you pass both parts of the exam, you will have met the requirements for CNA certification when you have nursing credits. Your CNA license will allow you to apply for positions in nursing homes and hospitals. You will have a stable income and be gaining good work experience that will come in handy in the future.


  1. Daniel Chen says:

    Can i test for CNA if i have rn license?

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