August 18, 2017

Researching And Gathering Materials For Examination Of The CNA Certification

For many who are hoping to work as certified nursing assistants in the future, it is important that you are aware of the requirement to take and pass the examination of the CNA certification. This is one reason why many choose to gather up review materials ahead of their test schedule so that they would get a feel and a preview of the actual examinations. It will help ease all your tension for the upcoming challenge that awaits you.

The requirements per state for CNAs may vary slightly but when it comes to the examination of the CNA certification, they usually come in general form. It comes commonly in two parts with the first one in written and theoretical approach while the second part is considered to be hands on or the practical approach. The written part is usually set in multiple choice sets and this is what you will normally see too in the review materials.

Many advices that you take the time first to review before you even get yourself scheduled for the examination of the CNA certification. Majority of those who choose to take the licensure exams straight after their completion of their CNA course program somehow fail being not so prepared for it. Remember that it can save you a lot of time and money if you will not get to repeat the exams over again just because you failed it the first time around.

Before you can even take the examination of the CNA certification, you must be of course at least at 18 years of age. Other states require that you have completed a certain number of hours for a CNA specific training course while others do not even acknowledge the ones completed and taken online. Hence, it can work best on your behalf if you would do thorough research first before you even take any exams so that your time and efforts will not be wasted. It is very important that you check out the policies of each state and in the place where you plan to be CNA soon. There are lots of institutions which you can check out like Erie Community College, Buffalo State College, and many more.

  • Erie Community College, 121 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY‎, (716) 851-1000‎
  • Buffalo State College, 1300 Elmwood Avenue B, (716) 878-4000
  • Red Cross Mid Rio Grande Chapter, 142 Monroe Street NE, (505) 265-8514
  • James Square Health & Rehab, 918 James Street, Syracuse – (315) 474-1561
  • CNA Grosso Ceilings, 4769 Kasson Road, Syracuse – (315) 492-0090

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