August 20, 2017

RPS Clinical Research Organization

The RPS Clinical Research Organization combines product and analytical development of substances used in prescription drugs, testing in microbiology, quality control, and provides studies using human volunteers who are compensated for taking part in the organization’s clinical trials. In the field of human clinical research trials, volunteers are housed in a 20-bed unit, next to inpatient services. A database of over 5,000 subjects is chosen from to participate in the studies.
RPS Clinical Research Organization plays a large role in the clinical operations in research studies. They study what it takes to startup a research project, investigate how to choose participants to take part in medical studies, and they are in charge of monitoring the site where the research takes place, and the management of the research project. They are also responsible for all the data included in the study, and any programming involved. Since medical trials must be closely monitored and be done in accordance with applicable regulations, the RPS Clinical Research Organization must comply with strict medical monitoring of the subjects involved.


When medical trials are conducted using new medications that have been approved by the FDA, it’s still vital that drug safety is enforced, and this is also the responsibility of the organization conducting clinical trials. They must regulate all of the documents and publications published in accordance with the medical trials and use liasons in the medical field and the field of science. It’s essential that anyone who is taking part as an investigator or anyone working as an employee in the research lab have all the necessary training prior to taking part in the project.


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