August 22, 2017

Sample CNA Free Test Questions

Nurse aides play a pivotal role in the process of patient care in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, homes for the aged and medical centers. NNAAP or the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program certification exam is the exam administered by American Red Cross to future nursing assistants who want to upgrade the quality of their chosen work. Another certifying agency is the National Council of States Boards of Nursing. This certifying body administers the licensure tests that are recognized in 21 states. CNA free test questions help a potential nurse aide in teaching how the exam looks like; what type of questions are asked; what kind of questionnaire to expect.

The CNA test is divided into 2 sections namely the practical and the written. The practical exam is an actual test that needs a volunteer to act as a patient and the nurse aide will show the examiner what she will do in various problems. The written exam for nurse aide is a set of 70 questions in multiple-choice form and a nurse aide has to answer them correctly. The candidates must know how to answer the CNA free test questions.

To illustrate the test a question goes like this: What is the name of the exercises that make the joint and muscle move? A) rotation B) abduction2555 C) adduction D) range of motion the correct answer is D. To illustrate further, here is another: How long must a nurse aide wait before she takes the oral temperature of a patient who has just finished drinking soda? A) At least one hour B) 10-20 minutes C) 25 to 35 minutes D) 45 to 55 minutes the correct answer is B. These are CNA free test questions that can help a nurse aide in the review process.

Nurse aides have to be adept in 5 randomly selected skills. The nurse evaluator will rate the candidate on skills related to nursing. Nursing aides are tested in even he smallest details like simple task of proper hand washing. Proper hand washing technique is a skill needed by nurse aides in order to prevent contamination of diseases. CNA free test questions are important tools in getting a license.

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