August 22, 2017

Schools that Offer CNA Training in Vermont

The demand of medical workers in the United States has increased the number of available certified nurse aide (CNA) jobs around the country. It is even said that the increasing demand for CNA workers will further increase in the coming years. Working as a nurse aide is possible once you finished the CNA training in Vermont . To apply for nurse aid training, applicants should have a high school diploma or equivalent GED.

More schools and facilities offer CNA training such as community colleges, vocational schools and nursing and medical centers. For example, the River Valley Technical Center (RVTC) offers high school and adult students CNA training. The state of Vermont requires applicants to complete at least 75 hours of nurse aide training. However, the duration of the training depends on the program you have enrolled like the American Red Cross CNA program which lasts for 100 hours in three weeks.

Nurse aides or nurse assistants need to attend training to prepare them for their upcoming career. The CNA training in Vermont is divided into two parts: classroom instruction and clinical training. Through lectures and discussions, nurse aide students will learn the different nursing concepts and subjects such as anatomy, nutrition, CPR, medical technology and physiology. In the clinical training, nurse assistants will apply and practice nursing skills and duties like providing denture care, taking measurements and administering medication.

Once you completed the CNA training, you must take and pass the certification test, otherwise known as the Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) certification test. The CNA training in Vermont will actually prepare you in taking the CNA test. To apply for certification, you must pay $20 as application fee and submit several documents such as education verification and passport sized photo. By passing the test, you will be awarded certification from the Nurse Aide Registry of your state. To work as a nurse assistant is paid with good compensation from most employers. According to, the annual median salary of nurse aides is $31,000 in Vermont.

Here’s a list of training schools and facilities that offer CNA programs:

  • River Valley Technical Center, 307 South Street, Springfield, VT 05156-3273, (802) 885-8300
  • Randolph Technical Career Center, 17 Forest Street, Randolph, VT 05060-1006, (802) 728-9595
  • Stafford Technical Center, 8 Stratton Road, Rutland, VT 05701-3784, (802) 770-1033
  • Union House Nursing Home Inc, 3086 Glover St, Glover, VT 05839-9701, (802) 525-6600 ‎
  • Greensboro Nursing Home, 47 Maggies Pond Road, Greensboro, VT 05841-8800, (802) 533-7051 ‎

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