August 22, 2017

Should I Consider Online CNA Certification Courses?

Your most important consideration regarding online CNA certification courses is whether they are accepted in your state. Some states don’t consider courses taken online to be sufficient. Even when online courses are acceptable, find out about the accreditation. A course usually has to have accreditation from one or more nurses’ groups for most states to accept them. Don’t be afraid to look up the credentials. Cost will be an important factor, as well as the success rate for exams. A good course will have a high percentage passing rate for exam-takers.

It’s helpful to find out what’s included in the online CNA certification courses before you commit to one. High-quality videos that demonstrate practical skills are a must for any course. It should clearly outline what is expected of you as a CNA . It’s helpful for your instructors to be made available to you via email, chat or phone. Nursing aide students are likely to have a lot of questions. Test preparation is also a key part of your course. It should include practice exams, as well as tips for effective study methods.

One thing that should be kept in mind regarding online CNA certification courses is that they can be helpful for continuing education purposes. Many states do require some type of continuing education prior to license renewal. If you feel like you need a refresher, an online class can be a good way to brush up on your skills. A online course or two can also help if you’re hoping to eventually get an associates’ or bachelors’ degree in nursing. Some students who have gone on to become Registered Nurses have taken some of their coursework online while working as nursing assistants.


  1. enoch porter says:

    How good is online cna training?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Definitely, if you have the time, an in-person training would be a better option. considering that you might be into a hectic schedule where you cannot think of taking it up, you can consider the online version. But, getting the right provider is very critical for that would determine the quality of training that you would get

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