August 22, 2017

Start a New Career by Passing the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA are trained professionals that you usually see in nursing homes and medical facilities. They provide care and assistance to immobile patients like the mentally or physically ill, the elderly or the injured. CNAs assist these patients with simple daily activities like bathing, dressing and eating. They are also tasked to record health information such as body temperature and blood pressure of patients. Nursing assistants are also expected to be patient and considerate with their patients. If you look for a long lasting career, you should consider CNA jobs. You can only work as a nursing assistant if you have passed the certified nursing assistant exam.

It is very important for CNAs to pass the said exam. The certified nursing assistant exam is last step towards becoming a CAN. Passing the test will qualify you to work in any nursing job and enlist you to the official list of nurses in your state. The Nurse Aide Registry of every state is responsible for granting certification to nursing assistants. This particular exam will measure your knowledge and skills essential a certified nursing assistant. It consists of two parts: written and practical. You have to pass both parts of the exam to get a certification.

Both written and practical exams happen on the same day. Most written exams contain a number of seventy questions, which also depend from state to state. The usual test formal is multiple choice and instructions are printed in English. But, if you have difficulty understanding written English, you can request for Spanish translation or oral English version of the exam. Each state sets a different passing score you need to achieve in the exam. If you pass the certified nursing assistant exam, you will be officially listed on the Nurse Aide Registry as a certified nursing assistant.

The practical part requires nursing assistants to perfectly perform five hands-on skills, which are chosen randomly from the basic 25 skills listed for the exam. An authorized evaluator will check and assess your performance. If you fail the certified nursing assistant exam, you can still have the chance to retake. Most states allow CNAs to take the exam three times within two years of completing a nursing program. Thus, nursing assistants are given three attempts to pass the exam.

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