August 23, 2017

Step by Step procedure for CNA Training in Georgia

CNA training programs in Georgia is a result of the increasing demands for high quality health care services and offers the one of the best employment opportunities for individuals looking for a stable job. The primary role of the Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA is to help nurses give the proper care healthcare for people who needs it. Getting a CNA Training in Georgia can result to a fulfilling career if you are passionate about caring for the elderly and the sick. The number of elderly in the US particularly in the state of Georgia is growing and there is a projection that there will be an increase for the demand of CNA’s in a couple of years. Home Health workers will be ideal for the aged and the sick as it is more comfortable and cost efficient as compared to medical establishments and home care.

In the state of Georgia, the training is administered by registered nurses for the whole duration of the course. CNA Training in Georgia is usually undertaken in an establishment in which a CNA passers will most likely be assigned to like hospitals, home for the aged and any other places in need of healthcare assistants. The rigorous training and the quality of instructions for the CNA curriculum in the state of Georgia will enable and prepare a person to become a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse in the near future if he decides to pursue the course.

Training hours of not less than 85 to 120 hours including classroom lectures. On-the-job-trainings are required before the completion of aCNA Training in Georgia. The course is available in colleges, centers, nursing houses and adult establishments in the entire state of Georgia. After the training course, trainees will be required to take a competency test to evaluate their qualification to become registered CNAs. Taking a CNA course offers a fulfilling and stable career. The compensation rate ranges from $25,000 to $30,000 annually; there are also CNAs who earn about $33,000 or higher. The main reasons of the varying salary of CNA’s are length of experience and the destination of work.

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