August 22, 2017

Step By Step Process Of Obtaining A Washington State CNA License

Washington State CNA License is an important requirement for any person who is interested in working as a CNA in the state. The profession of a nurse assistant is one of the most sought after because of the immense satisfaction that one gets from serving the sick and the infirm people. Certification is needed to practice as a nurse assistant and there are some training and testing processes that a person has to undergo to become a certified nurse assistant.

A Washington State CNA License can be obtained only after the person undergoes adequate training. There are several good training facilities that are available. One of the important facts that should be remembered is that the individual must make sure that the training is completed in a facility that is approved by the state. The minimum training period that is approved by the state is a minimum 85 hours. This training will involve various aspects of nursing care to the sick people. The training could also involve different theoretical aspects and as well as clinical exposure.

A Washington State CNA License can be obtained after the trainee passes a test that is also approved by the state. The testing process can be completed in one of the few designated centers by an applicant of Washington State CNA License. Once the testing is completed, the person can apply for the CNA license. The process is simple and the individual who has completed the testing has to submit an application to the Department of Health for the license. The applicant’s personal information are entered in the database and once the results are received, he will just have to wait for the license to be mailed out to him.

A Washington State CNA License is provided to those who have been successful in meeting the various training and testing requirements of the state. A onetime license fee of $30 is collected. There are some other factors involved before the license is provided and they include the health of the applicant, drug addictions, felonies or other background details. A background check is also required. Once the license has been provided, it is valid for a period of one year and has to be renewed on a annual basis. This renewal fees is usually $40, though it can be renewed late too, by paying a higher fee. If a Washington State CNA License has not been renewed for at least 2 years, the next time the individual wants the license to be renewed, the person has to undergo the training as well as the testing process again.

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