August 20, 2017

Steps for CNA Certification – Utah

Utah is a growing state because of the climate and beauty of the area. The medical profession is expanding and the options for CNA Certification Utah are growing. How do you get certified?

Search for a program that is offered by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. Do your homework and make sure your investment of time and money is in a course that is approved.

There is one exception to taking a training course. If a person takes employment at a nursing facility in a position of uncertified nursing assistant, and you are shooting to become certified, you have 120 days from the date of our hire to obtain initial certification. Remember this is a one-time opportunity.

The CNA Certification Utah is comprised of 80 hours combined classroom and clinical instruction. The clinical instruction is a total of 24 hours where you will learn basic nursing skills including how to take blood pressure, pulse, infection control, interaction with patients and how to protect privacy, bathing a dressing a patient, and other skills that will help you be part of a health care team whose goal is to give excellent care to patients.

The State of Utah Nursing Assistant Registry requires a background check, documentation validating two Hepatitis B immunizations, and a negative tuberculosis test. It is recommended you have these records prior to signing up for your training. You may not be able to start your training unless these preliminary requirements are met.

Your instructor will supply the application for your final examination. You should be careful to fill this out correctly, and return with the fee to the nursing registry. The next step in the CNA Certification Utah process is to wait to receive your voucher, which is good up to one year. Enclosed will also be the testing centers information and you then call and make an appointment to schedule the date. Upon your certification, you will have taken the first step for a great career!

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