August 22, 2017

Steps In Getting A Certified Nursing Assistant License in Texas

Being a certified nursing assistant might be very easy when you think you think of simply of the length of the course. However, if you look closely at the requirements to become one and look deeper into what is required of the job, you will then say that it is never that easy at all. This is even more complicated when you are in Texas. This state is also very strict when it comes to CNAs. In fact, even if you already have your Certified Nursing Assistant License in Texas, the requirements doesn’t end there.

Some people who already have their Certified Nursing Assistant License in Texas opt not to continue the said career. They go for some other options. If you are one of these people, you better have to be aware of what will become of your license should you not pursue the said profession.

First of all, when you chose to pursue your career, you have nothing to worry about your Certified Nursing Assistant License in Texas. In fact, if you want to renew it, your employer will be the one to carry all the expenses. Since you continually work for the company, all you need to do is to update them as to when your license is going to expire. By then, they will do the application and renewal. However, if you have not applied for a job related to this career, you have to at least do your duty for 8 hours within the next two years. If not, your license will certainly expire.

If your Certified Nursing Assistant License in Texas expires, you will be required to apply for recertification. You have to report your expired license status and go through the whole tedious processes again. If everything has been settled, you can now take the recertification test. When you have already passed the said exam, you can once again obtain your license. Thus, if possible, you have to really do the required number of hours for you to take hold of the said license should you wish to go back to the said profession some time in the future.


  1. How to become a certified nursing assistant in Texas?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, it is recommended that the candidates take the state approved training first. This will usually be under a LN. In Texas, usually, the candidates rely on OJT and an evaluation test of passage of a competency. Passing the CNA exam is important to get certified

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