August 18, 2017

Steps to Achieve CNA Certification Florida

Florida has one of the most populations with the highest density of the geriatric age and the demands for employment in the medical profession are numerous. Health care is expected to at a fast pace in the next ten years. What steps do you take to achieve CNA certification Florida?

The governing body for certification in the Sunshine State is the Florida Department of Health. Go to their website and follow to the Florida Certified Nursing Assistants Council. You must take an approved program by the State. Without the approved training you will not be able to take the certification exam.

Each approved training course has different requirements. The only requirements that are consistent is that you must have a diploma of completion from a high school, eighteen years old, and undergo a background check.

The average length of the course is one hundred and twenty hours. The course will be in two parts: classroom instructions and then clinical practical instruction. Be diligent in your studies and take this entire process seriously.

The State of Florida outsources the testing process to a company called Prometric. Contact them for the examination application. You will be required to pay a fee. Your eligibility will be determined after the Federal Bureau of Investigation clears you and the first letter from Prometric will be issued.

While you are waiting for the next step in the process, go over your materials and review in preparation for the big day. It has been hectic up to now but set aside time to practice and rehearse your practical exams to move toward your CNA Certification in Florida.

Prometric will issue you a second letter with information for the testing center and exam schedule. This letter you carry with you to the day of your exam. Two pieces of identification are necessary and the admission letter from Prometric.

The night before get a good nights rest. Plan a window of thirty minutes for your travel so you are not late. Bring with you a second hand watch for the practical clinical skills. Scrubs and flat nonskid shoes are required.

If you pass both parts of the examination, the Board of Nursing has the responsibility of issuing your certificate and will place you in the Florida CNA Registry. In the event you do not pass both sections of the test, or one or the other, you may re-take the exam three times.

The certificate will be good for two years and during this time; you will need to work in a state facility that has been approved to achieve eligibility for renewal. Follow the steps for the CNA certification Florida process.


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