August 22, 2017

Studying at CNA schools in Ballarat

Training as Assistant in Nursing (more commonly known as certified nursing assistants in most countries) from colleges, universities and private centers is one of the short courses currently in-demand today. The sudden increase of enrolees among CNA schools in Ballarat can be seen as the result of the influx of patients in many nursing homes. The aging population have led to the establishment of long-term care facilities in Ballarat and in other parts of Australia. This, then, is seen as an opportunity for individuals to establish a stable career in the medical field within a short time span.

Completion of training programs from CNA schools in Ballarat gives the students a chance to be hired as Assistants in Nursing with job responsibilities including the maintenance of health and well-being of patients. Certificates III or IV is generally required for this kind of position from nursing homes. The programs for these certifications in most training providers from Ballarat usually center on applied basic nursing skills such as infection control, and storage or operation of medical equipment. Unlike other courses from neighbouring countries, the schools do not focus on anatomy and physiological courses and go straight to the honing of hands-on skills of the AINs.

Then again, this does not affect the quality of training from CNA schools in Ballarat. In defense of training providers such as the BGT Employment Training Youth Services located at 14 Hill St. Ballarat tel no. (03) 5333 1707, the trainings are conducted under the supervision of experienced nurses or doctors who follow strict organizational guidelines and syllabus. Classroom discussions are fused with hands-on training in order to shorten the span of the training programs. The eight to twelve weeks training for AINs are compressed to 4 to 6 weeks in training centers from Ballarat.

After finishing the courses for programs such as Certificates III or IV, students can be hired in hospitals not only as AINs but as carers and personal care assistants as well. These job positions entitle the nurse assistants to have higher income and lesser stress from work. Graduating from CNA schools in Ballarat nonetheless, gives more options and career opportunities as the graduates can also choose to be in home respite worker, community house worker, care service employee or disability service officer. Should they feel the need to get higher trainings and career advancement classes, being trained from the programs for Certificates III and IV can qualify them advanced trainings from other schools.

  • Ballarat District Nursing and Healthcare, 1818 Sturt Street, Ballarat Victoria 3350, (03) 53341500
  • Argyle Lodge (Q.E.G.B), Gillies St, Ballarat, VIC. 3350, (03) 5339 6980
  • Begonia Residental Aged Care Facility, 207- 213 Richards St, Ballarat, VIC. 3350, (03) 5331 5777
  • Bill Crawford Lodge Dana Sth, Ballarat, VIC. 3350,(03) 5320 3970
  • Jack Lonsdale Lodge, Cnr Spencer & Morgan Sts, Sebastopol, VIC. 3356, (03) 5335 0522

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