August 22, 2017

Successfully Get Your Nurses Aide Training

Encounters Of The Naked Kind

Did somebody say, ‘naked’? That’s right, naked. in order for you to get your nurses aide training certification, you will have to deal with nudity. You will have to see, smell, touch, and listen to, naked men and women while aiding them. You will have to master the art of viewing naked bodies without shirking, smiling, eye gestures, or straight-up laughing.

It’s comparable to one of those moments you might hae had as a kid. You know, the time you were in church with your family and you suddenly got the giggles; though your dad smacked you silly and your mom mouthed, “wait til we get home”. You absolutely cannot allow that to happen.

You will need to understand that these people do not want you, or anyone else, gawking at their undressed bodies everyday. If they could do things themselves, they would. A good way to keep an adult head on your shoulders, in times like this, is to think of the following:

  • What if it were you having to undress in front of strangers, every day, just to bathe or dress?
  • What if that was your mom, dad, your child, sister, brother, husband, wife, or best friend? Because you know what? The naked person you are looking at will usually fall into one of those categories to somebody that loves them.
  • Remember that the person is a feeling, loving, living, special person. Regardless if that person has been known to curse staff, flirt with nurses aides, or stick employees square in the jaw with a mean right-hook.

If you can use tactics like those to keep you straight, within a week or two, seeing a naked person will be as common as seeing a light bulb. If it means a lot to you to get your nurses aide training certification, you will become as professional as possible during class and clinical training.

The Glory of Gore

When you are in class to get your nurses aide training, you will see and hear about a lot of grotesque things, especially during clinical training. You will see massive bowel movements that will be anywhere except the toilet, vomit that appears to be the roast beef sandwich and mashed potatoes you fed this person yesterday, and you might just walk in on a married couple during a very intimate moment.

“Yes, Virginia, old people have sex too”. You didn’t think that just because the Parkers in room 11 were both missing a limb, and are over 65, means that they don’t enjoy sex, did you? Shame on you, anyway, if you didn’t knock first, and loud enough for them to hear you! As stated, you will see things you probably never thought possible.

On a Sad Note

During clinical training, which is required in order to get your nurses aide training certificate, you may face someone who is dying. It is very sad, very scary, and can make you feel very afraid. Usually, you will feel fear for yourself. It sounds selfish, but death is such a final stage of life in which only the dying can explain, yet cannot tell us. It is very normal and okay for you to feel this way, but you have to put on a “game face”.

As a CNA, you have to be strong, caring, supportive, and unbreakable. Doesn’t seem possible does it? However, you have to be the light in the storm. The dying patient is counting on you, the family and friends, and other members of the care team, are all depending on the good CNA to get through this time.

It’s hard not to shed a tear, but you have to try to keep the crying for later. Seeing you  upset and vulnerable can cause hardship to fall on the patient, his family, and friends. Let them know that everything will be okay, and that you will help in any way you can. Just simply stating the words, “…if you need anything”, will be your best bet.

It’s definitely a career for the strong and compassionate. CNA’s dive deep into the trenches of human emotion every day. If you have what it takes, however, you will get your nurses aide training certificate with ease.

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