August 22, 2017

Surviving Meager CNA Hourly Salary in Kansas

It takes 90 hours of training under an accredited school before one can become certified nursing assistant in Kansas. Then again, the long duration of classes may not be justified by the relatively lower CNA hourly salary in Kansas. Students then apply for CNA classes, not to build a career as CNAs, but for the sole purpose of getting qualifications for certification programs to become Registered Nurses. At some point, nonetheless, they may be encouraged to apply for available CNA jobs in order for them to earn a little while attending RN training classes. It is in these instances that students need to know the areas with the comparatively high hourly wages.

The Bureau of Labour and Statistics has recorded that half of the population of CNAs in the country enjoy salaries that ranges from $25,785 to $30,996 annually. The lowest salary averages to $23,563 or less, while the top ten percent of high-paying medical facilities give as much as $33,516 for CNA entry-level positions. As of 2009, the average CNA hourly salary in Kansas is only around $10.85, which translates to $22,560 per year. Considering the median salary rates of the country, this wage may turn off a lot of prospect CNA job applicants.

Regions at the heart of Kansas earn the lowest with median salary only averaging around $10.61 per hour. From the statistics, the CNA hourly salary in Kansas is about 10% lower than the national average of CNA salary amounting to $12.01. When it is more convenient for the nurse aides to work in local facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, nonetheless, the only remedy is to get jobs from the regions with relatively higher salary rates.

Note that the salary of CNAs depends greatly on the location of the facilities. From the statistics shown by, it can be seen that larger cities give higher wages for CNAs. Kansas City, Emporia, Topeka and Wichita give the highest wages, with hourly rates of $13.30, $12, $12.60, and $12.70 respectively. Manhattan comes next with $11.70 per hour salary, followed by the $11.70 rate of Salina. The following facilities currently have job openings for CNAs. Check out the following and see whether they can provide amiable hourly wages:

  • Centra Healthcare, 3515 Broadway Avenue, Great Bend, (620) 792-2511
  • Central Kansas Medical Center, 3515 Broadway Avenue, Great Bend, (620) 792-2511
  • Stormont-Vail Regional Health , 1500 Southwest 10th Avenue Topeka, KS 66606, (785) 354-5000
  • Amedisys Home Health Services, 2733 West Central Avenue El Dorado, KS 67042-3217, (316) 322-8115
  • Via Christi Health, 3720 East Bayley Street Wichita, KS 67218, (316) 858-4900

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