August 22, 2017

Take Advantage of Free CNA Certification

The recent downsizing of many companies, the U.S. spiraling economy, and conditions we have no control over are having people take assessments of their professions. Have you thought about the nursing field? The many levels of nursing positions are plentiful and it is a career that is extremely in demand. So what if you don’t have the money to train? You can take advantage of free CNA certification.

There are many nursing employers that will sponsor your training and they will go out of their way to help you all they can including paying for your state competency exam. Free CNA training is offered by your local Red Cross chapter, geriatric, long term care facilities, and community colleges. Make sure you program is approved by the state you will be working in. That is critical to avoid a waste of your time.

Free CNA certification can also be achieved by online training. If you need a very flexible program to fit in with your busy family and work schedule, free online training is for you. There is much sponsorship available for your competency exam so you can get that for free also! There have been many students who achieved CNA certification and then went on to a higher level of nursing or received numerous nursing job offers and have not only given excellent patient care, but also added to the profession through their experience.

Remember when doing research for classes, that the “free” part means there is no cash up front costs, but you may need to sign a work agreement and commit to work to whomever sponsors your training. You can also look into the local Department of Public Health in your area as they often administer scholarship monies that will cover the cost of the training and your CNA state certification exam.

What are the basic requirements that will be involved with your free CNA certification? Each state has a defined number of classroom and clinical hours but the federal requirements are 75 hours of classroom hours, supervised clinical hours totally sixteen hours, basic math and CPR training, and other requirements that are mandated by your state.


  1. Where can i find free money to take test for cna certication?

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