September 23, 2017

Taking Advantage of CNA Recertification Online For Free

When you have reached the expiry date for your certified nursing assistant license, the next thing to do is to renew it. However, if you are to take a look at the processes involved in the recertification, it might just discourage you to work for it. You need to fill out forms and do some payments via the local nursing aide registry. You also have to comply with other requirements depending on your state. However, if you are currently working as a nursing assistant, you have no other choice but to do it. If not, you might be terminated from your job. The good news is that you can now go do the CNA recertification online for free. This is possibly by following a few simple steps.

The first thing to do is to look for sites that offer free recertification. Make sure that this site is legitimate and it will offer you with the best services despite the fact that it is for free. Now, if you have chosen the site to be in partnership with, take a look at their requirements. Make sure that you can adhere to their requirements. Should you have any question or complaint, you can simply contact them through the number they have on their website. You can also email them for further questions.

Everything that you need is done online. From the filling out of forms to the submission of the requirements, all these can be done via the site that you have chosen. You don’t have to go somewhere else just to comply with all these. Just imagine the fact that you will get recertification, and you are not to pay anything. This is indeed a big saving on your part. When they have processed the CNA recertification online for free; you can now continue working as a certified nursing assistant.

Now, if you are employed in a hospital or a nursing home, they are tasked to do the recertification for you. It is a part of their job since they are your employers. This means that you just have to inform them about the expiry of your license and they will do the rest for you. The only problem is that it might take some time or they might forget it due to the number of tasks that they are set to do. As such, it would be best if you can just do the CNA recertification online for free and manage everything on your own.

Below is a list of schools online where you can do the recertification.

  • University of Phoenix
    3157 E. Elwood St Phoenix, AZ 85034; (877) 260-8322
  • Kaplan University
    888 7th AvenueNew York, NY 10106; 10014 212-492-5800
  • South University
    709 Mall Boulevard Savannah, GA 31406; (912) 201-8000
  • Walden University
    650 South Exeter Street Baltimore, MD 21202; 1-866-492-5336
  • Shoreline Community College C.N.A. Class
    Seattle 1601 Greenwood Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98133; (206) 979-9268


    • CNAInstructor says:

      There are a number of online training providers in this regard. You have to choose the provider that best suits your need with respect to time and schedule. Once you get enrolled, you should be able to get in within 6-12 weeks time depending on the time that you have.

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