August 16, 2017

Taking Certified Nursing Assistant Online Test

Certification processes for nurse aides cannot be completed online. At some point, students or graduates of training programs may need to personally appear before the nurse aide registry or CNA Board for processing of state examination requirements. The competency test in which nurse aides need to pass to be called certified nursing assistants are never accomplished online. Then again, there are several exam samples and simulated certified nursing assistant online test which may help the nurse aides gain a hint on what to expect during the exam. The availability of sample tests may as well aid in their exam preparations.

State competency exams are all comprised of two parts: written and clinical (often called practical or hands-on skills test). While each state has different exam questions and style, there will always be a common denominator between these tests. The clinical portion of the examination is conducted under the supervision of a well-experienced practitioner who watches as the students perform three to five randomly selected CNA skills. On the other hand, the written part of the exam usually tests the theoretical knowledge of the students. Reviewing may be good, but knowing the type of questions that will be asked will give better preparations. This is where certified nursing assistant online test comes in handy.

Finding simulated certified nursing assistant online test is practically easy. It is best to check first with the Pearson VUE which can offer practice tests which are specific to different states. The contact information of Pearson VUE can be found below. The next step is to take as much practice exams as you can, while using your reference materials from CNA schools to help you. This would give an idea on which areas need more focus and attention. Make sure that at the end of this quest, you will be able to answer simulated exams without peeking through the tomes.

Remember that there can be practice certified nursing assistant online test that come for free. Then again, these simulated exams usually have the same questions and may not be advisable for practice. Students can have the option to pay for a certain amount to get simulated exams from reputable companies. The fees may range from $20-$100 dollar, depending on the popularity of the company offering the online test. These online test providers may be helpful in preparing you for the state competency exam:

  • Pearson VUE,
  • Illinois Nurse Aide Testing,
  • Mentee Medical Institute,
  • CNA Test Coach,
  • CNA Test,


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