August 22, 2017

Taking CNA Online in Seattle

CNA classes don’t have to be always conducted in classroom based settings. Due to the innovation of the internet, numerous schools in different states have adapted a new style of having classes. Interactive classes are done online for a CNA program. You can take CNA Online in Seattle and work as a certified nursing assistant in different medical establishments. These medical establishments include hospitals, hospices, clinics and residential home care facilities. With the growing rate of the elderly population in Seattle, the need for constant direct patient care has also increased. That is why a lot of nursing assistants are needed in Seattle.

In America, there are over two thousand nursing schools offering CNA programs. In Seattle, you will find numerous institutions that conduct these programs. You can enrol for CNA Online in Seattle and be eligible for a CNA certification. After you have successfully passed the certifying exam, you will be able to work as a CNA in Seattle. Since this is an entry level position, you will be able to advance in higher levels of education and earn a BSN degree in the future.

Prospective students who want to take CNA Online in Seattle should at least have a high school diploma or a GED. Recently, it has become a popular choice for high school graduates and career shifters because of the job security it offers. Kaplan University provides online learning for students under some requirements. You must submit your high school credentials and your proof of US citizenship to be able to qualify. You must also have a good computer with a stable internet connection to be admitted for the online program.

After completing CNA Online in Seattle, you can find employment in numerous medical establishments including nursing homes where the need for CNAs are rampant. You can apply for a CNA job in Horizon House. It is a continuing care retirement residential facility that operates 24 hours guaranteeing workers of stable working hours. The following are information on schools offering the program and possible places of employment.

  • Horizon House, 900 University Street, Seattle, (206) 624-3700
  • Kline Galland Home, 7500 Seward Park Avenue South, Seattle, (206) 725-8800
  • Amasia Colleger, 501 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA, 98104, (206) 682-2423
  • Aegis at Northgate, 11039 17th Avenue North East, Seattle, WA, 98125, (206) 440-1700
  • Aljoya, 450 Northeast 100th Street, Seattle WA, (206) 452-3186


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