August 22, 2017

Taking CNA Recertification on an Expired License in NC

A certified nursing assistant can continue working in medical establishments provided that the expired licensed must be renewed. You do not have to wait for the exact date of the license to expire since you can have it renewed. Individuals can have a CNA Recertification on an Expired License in NC to continue working as a certified nursing assistant. Certain requirements mandated by the state should be met for the license to be renewed.

Requirements for CNA Recertification on an Expired License in NCinclude at least 8 hours of working as a CNA in the state. This number of experience should have been supervised by a registered nurse. A CNA should also work in a medical establishment which is accredited by North Carolina’s Department of Health in order to qualify. You must be able to complete these requirements hence you will forfeit the chance of renewing your CNA license. If you cannot renew your license right after it expires, you will have to take the whole training program all over again.

An expired CNA license legally prohibits individuals to continue working as a CNA in medical establishments. Since there is a demand for certified nursing assistants in North Carolina, you must ensure that you get CNA Recertification on an Expired License in NC to continuously work in the challenging world of giving direct patient care. You can find employment from among the 126 hospitals in the 86 counties of North Carolina. There are also numerous nursing homes and residential healthcare facilities that need certified nursing assistant. You can apply for a job at Homeplace of Burlington or the White Oak Manor.

As long as you have renewed and gained a CNA Recertification on an Expired License in NC, you can find new jobs for CNAs or continuously work in your current job. You can apply for CNA employment in Your Grace Family Care Home or Dee & G Enrichment Center. You can also inquire from local hospitals for possible job openings. For more information on establishments offering CNA employment, you may refer to the list provided below.

  • Homeplace of Burlington, 118 Alamance Road, Burlington, NC, (336) 227-2328
  • White Oak Manor, 323 Baldwin Road, Burlington, NC, (336) 229-5571
  • Your Grace Family Care Home, 919 Elm Street, Burlington, NC, (336) 222-0312
  • Lillies Place LLC, 1804 Harris Street, Burlington, NC, (336) 222-9424
  • Dee & G Enrichment Center, 615 Montgomery Street, Burlington, NC, (336) 226-4820


  1. How can your NC CNA license expire?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      If you have not worked as a CNA aide at least for 8 hours in the prior 2 year period, your certification at NC would expire. But renewal is easy if its done on time

      • This is not true. I worked a year and when it was time to renew the sec year, I was denied re certification, bc I had not worked in the second year. Why was this? If all you have to work is 8 hours within 2 year period? That’s the whole reason I filed for renewal, I was signed off from the head nurse I worked under. Go figure, but this is why I have expired certification. Kinda ticks me off!

  2. What if youve been a stay home for since 1996 and want to reactivate your CNA1 AND 2. Can I challenge the exams

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