August 22, 2017

Taking CNA Training Classes in Detroit Michigan

A job as a nursing assistant in Detroit offers rewarding compensations and endless opportunities to advance in educational level. This is why a lot of people choose to take CNA training classes in Detroit Michigan after graduating from high school. Career shifters also seek to become a CNA following the demand for workers in different medical establishments. Oftentimes, you will find a lot of CNA jobs offered in establishments such as hospitals, clinics, hospices and nursing homes. From among these establishments, nursing homes are the primary employers of certified nursing assistants.

After taking CNA training classes in Detroit Michigan, you can work as a certified nursing assistant in the state. Hourly wages vary from the number of years of experience as a CNA. In Detroit, CNAs are paid an hourly rate of $11.07. For those who do not have any experience of working as a certified nursing assistant, pay scale is at $9 per hour. Some employers even send CNA workers to various training to have their compensations increased. This is another reason why people are enticed to getting a job as a CNA.

If you living in or near the area, you make take the CNA training classes in Detroit Michigan in Career Works in Highland Park or the Aress Networking Academy. The Athena Career Academy LLC also offers CNA programs for students who aspire to become certified nursing assistants. Michigan CNA training programs are comparatively shorter from any other Michigan nursing degrees. Training to become a certified nursing assistant usually last from 6 to 8 weeks.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant in Detroit allows you to have quick entry in the healthcare industry. Since it is an entry-level position, you will have chances of advancement to become a registered nurse in the state. Some schools offering CNA training classes in Detroit Michigan are in semestral format. This means that you will have to wait until one semester ends which can usually take 3 to 4 months. For more information on schools offering the program in Detroit, you may refer to the list provided below.

  • Greater Horizon Training Institute, 7310 Woodware Ave #603, Detroit, MI 48202-3165, (313) 871-2600
  • Genanscot Services, 17800 E Warren Ave., Detroit, MI 48224-1332, (313) 647-9860
  • Healthcare Solutions and Career Group, 15800 W Mcnichols Rd # 233, Detroit, MI 48235-3570, (313) 270-4550
  • Hazy Institute of Learning, 21700 Greenfield Rd, Suite 264, Oak Park, MI 48237, Phone#: (248)850-7110, Email: Website:
  • Precise Healthcare Training Institute, 11000 West McNichols, Detroit, MI 48221, (313) 243-2941


  1. How cna get paid MI?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, this depends on the experience and qualification. For an entry level this can range from $26000 – $30000 per annum

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