August 23, 2017

Taking The CNA Refresher Course In MA

Renewing your license as a certified nursing assistant is very important. You might practice your profession or not, but the important thing is you keep your license with you. Depending on the state where you are, there is a certain period of year in which the license will be valid. After the given time, it will then expire and will be subject for renewal. Now, if you are in MA and you already reached the expiry date for your license, you have to renew it. If your problem is that you have not been practicing the profession, you will then be asked to take CNA refresher course in MA.

This is due to the fact that you must be refreshed with the basic ideas in regards to being a nursing assistant. This is also important should you decide to practice the profession again. Well, you need not worry since these refresher courses will only take 2 days. There will be 5 hours to be spent for refreshing you with concepts and ideas about being a certified nursing assistant. The other 5 hours will be for practicum. This can extend depending on the CNA refresher course in MA that you have chosen. The good thing here is that right after the course; you will then be able to renew your license without any problem at all.

Other schools will offer CNA refresher course in MA at a certain price. However, since this will last only for two days or so, you will not really pay a lot. In fact, you there are some schools that will not ask you to pay at all. This holds true if you have done your training on that school back then. You will even be given materials in which you can make use of to further your studies at home. Well, you are lucky enough if your school is supportive in this endeavor of yours.

The next time around, if you really wanted to avoid doing the CNA refresher course in MA, you have to do a few hours of actual work. If you are not working as a certified nursing assistant, you can do volunteer jobs or at least ask to be paid for a couple of hours. The requirements here will vary depending on your state. Therefore, it pays if you ask first everything right after you get certified so that later on you will not have any problem with your recertification.

Below is a list of schools in Massachusetts where you can do the refresher course.

  • American Red Cross CNA Training Course
    South Coast, New Bedford 995 Rockdale Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02740; (617) 464-8544
  • North-Shore Community College Nursing Assistant Course
    Danvers 1 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923; (978) 762-4000
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston CNA/HHA Training Class
    Labouré Center 275 West Broadway, South Boston, MA 021271 (617) 464-8544
  • Catholic Charities South Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide Program
    Brockton 157 Centre Street, Brockton, MA 02302 (508) 587-0815 ext. 234
  • American Red Cross CNA Training / HHA
    Northampton 125 State Street, Northampton, Massachusetts 01060; (617) 864-1500


  1. elmer carrillo says:

    How many work hours are required to renew my Мassachusetts cna license?

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