August 20, 2017

Taking The CNA State Exam –Kentucky

In the CNA State Exam – Kentucky designation is identified as a state registered nurse aide (SRNA), or nurse aide. As in most states, CNA’s must complete course work and practical clinical experience at an accredited program. CNA programs in Kentucky must include the mental health and social service skills and how to care for cognitively disabled patients as well as the basic nursing and personal care skills.

The state competency examination also requires 16 hours of training in safety procedures as well as infection control. They also teach skills for home care, assist with the family questions, and help the family prepare for death if the patient’s status is terminal. CNA’s in Kentucky do a broader degree of nursing than in some other states.

The governing body for the CNA State Exam – Kentucky is the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services and they approve the curriculum and approve the training facilities. CNA student applicants must undergo a criminal background check and the coursework can take four to eight weeks depending on the program with a minimum of 75 hours of instruction.

Instruction is given around the state of Kentucky for CNA programs at community colleges, Red Cross, community service training facilities as a nursing home, and the University of Kentucky Nursing School.

Kentucky Community and Technical College System or KCTCS is responsible for the final competency exam for CNA’s. These tests are held around the state at designated approved sites.

The KCTCS provides a Testing Procedure Manual and Study Guide so you can prepare for the test. It is a downloadable document so be sure you take the time to read it and go through the manual. It will help immensely with your competency examination.

Upon completion of the exam, and if you pass all the areas of the test, you will be entered into the State of Kentucky Nurse Registry which are the holders of your credentials that will afford you the ability to get a job. You must prove work status or renew your certification every two years. The CNA State Exam – Kentucky is your stepping stone to a rewarding career.

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