August 20, 2017

Texas CNA Certification Requirements

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant in the Lone Star state, you will need to learn the Texas CNA certification requirements. CNAs are responsible providing care to patients under the nurses’ supervision. They can be directed to do a variety of tasks including bathing, dressing, or feeding those in hospitals or nursing homes.

Texas requires certified nursing assistant applicants to complete an approved training program. You need a minimum of 51 classroom hours and 24 clinical hours to reach the requirement. There are multiple approved programs to choose from; Texas even allows students to take online classes as long as they also arrange an internship at a local facility to obtain the needed clinical hours. You should be aware that the completion of any program that is not improved by the State will not be counted towards your CNA license.

Texas CNA certification requirements also include taking the certified nursing assistant license exam. This test is separated into two portions: a written section and a skills section. The first part is a 60 multiple-choice question exam that evaluates your knowledge of the subjects covered in class. The second part is a practical exam in which applicants have to perform five techniques that have been randomly selected from the skills needed to be successful in the position. You can take the test three times before you are required to repeat the training.

The Texas CNA certification requirements do not mandate applicants be in procession of a high school diploma or GED. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, it will take between four and six weeks to receive your certified nursing assistant license. Texas CNA certificates do not have a expiration date like other states; to remain active in the registry, you only have to confirm you have been employed at least once every two years.


  1. jean johnston says:

    How long does it take to do CNA?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This would entirely depend on the state where you are put up and the time you can afford to spend. This can be anything between three to twelve weeks.

  2. Merle Jefferson says:

    How to apply for cna license in Texas?

  3. mark hudler says:

    how do I find how to check to see if a cna how license with texas

  4. Taylor Clay says:

    Is it possible to obtain a CNA certification at the age of 17?

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