August 20, 2017

Texas CNA License: How to Get One?

The value of a certified nursing assistant is no more under estimated in the United States. According to job statistics in the state of Texas, there is of late lot of demand for certified nursing assistants. A certified nursing assistant or CNA makes life a lot easier for patients as they perform services that are more important than administering treatments.

A certified nursing assistant usually must know how to perform simple tasks like readying a patient’s bed, laying out the patient’s meal, helping them use the toilet, helping patients lie down, get up, move around, and also know how to use medical equipments during emergencies.

Like other states in the United States, Texas requires students who want to become successful certified nursing assistants to get complete certification courses that provide them training in healthcare environments like hospitals, day care centers, or looking after patients in private homes.

Given below are few pointers that can help you achieve your Texas CNA license.

Educational programs: Before you enroll yourself in a CNA certification course, you must make sure that the institute or community college has been certified or accredited by the nursing board of Texas. Otherwise your certification might not be valid and you may not find employment once you complete your CNA certification course.

The state of Texas has two options through which you can do your certification course you can either study through a college or do the coursework online. You will be required to have at least 100 hours of classroom and clinical training.

How to take the CNA exam: Once you have completed the required timings for your certification course, you will have to pass a CNA exam to get your certified nursing assistant license. Your Texas CNA license exam would include both a written and clinical test, which you will have to get high marks to get your certification.

The Texas department of aging and disability services (DADS) is in charge of providing you with the certification that allows you work as a CNA in Texas.

CNA certification: The Texas Nurse Aide Registry provides you with a notification and enters your name on their website, which qualifies you to work as a CNA in Texas. If you have completed your CNA certification from another state, you can contact the nursing board and apply using the CNA renewal form to transfer your CNA license through post.

There you go, as you can see becoming a certified nursing assistant in the state of Texas is not that difficult a task. You need to be a positive individual with a caring attitude to succeed in this field. Remember, you have to provide happiness to others around you as they need it very much.


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