August 18, 2017

The Answer To How Many Questions Is On The Illinois CNA Exam

It cannot be denied that there are lots of individuals today who are looking into becoming a certified nursing assistant someday. This is due to the news that have been spreading about the perks and other benefits you can get from having this career in the medical field. This goes true in almost every state in the country and for those who live in Illinois, it can help for them to know the answer to the question that says – how many questions is on the Illinois CNA exam?

When you get to search the net, you would surely find lots of resources which can help you answer on how many questions is on the Illinois CNA exam. The advantage in having an idea of what the questions would be can help you gain more confidence on passing the exams. The usual certified nursing exams come in two parts composed mainly of the written and oral part. The review materials can help you much more with the written part.

You would find it in the multiple choice set of exam style. In most review materials the answer to the inquiry of how many questions is on the Illinois CNA exam would be 50 and above. The rest of the questions would be focused more on the hands on approach of what you will do in real life scenario. There are also lots of institutions that can offer such items such as Capital Area Career Center, Bloomington Area Vocational Center, Careertec, Homecoming Healthcare Inc, and Abbey Home Health Services, Inc.

The requirements to be a certified nursing assistant may vary a lot per state and this goes the same for the answers to how many questions is on the Illinois CNA exam. No matter what the differences may be, what is most important is that you know how to do and put in your best to the planning and studying part. There is no other better secret in passing the CNA exams but by persevering hard to the best of your ability. Try to perceive the exam as a great way to prepare for the real world at work.

  • Bloomington Area Vocational Center, 1202 East Locust, 309 829 8671
  • Carl Sandburg College, 2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd., Galesburg, 309 344 2518
  • Careertec, 2037 West Galena Ave., Freeport, 815 235 1652
  • Homecoming Healthcare Inc., 200 S. Midland Ave., Rockdale, 815 280 5174
  • Abbey Home Health Services Inc., 4554 North Broadway St., Chicago, 773 784 0044


  1. How hard is the Illinois cna test?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Illinois CNA test is easy provided you put in the required efforts to take the test. Thorough theoretical knowledge is critical. Hands on teaches you a lot before the test. Practise tests online are of great help indeed

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