September 23, 2017

The Components of the CNA Test Questions Exam

Certified nurse aides (CNA) enjoys many privileges as they devote their time and effort in assisting sick and immobile patients. If you aspire to be part of this growing medical industry, you should take and pass the CNA license test. That is why every CNA candidate must have a good background on the CNA test questions exam . If you do not pass the license test, it simply shows that you are not prepared to work as a nurse aide. With a stressful working environment, certified nurse aides are expected to handle every task perfectly by their patients and employers. To be a licensed nurse aide means that you are ready to take the challenge of providing long-term care for elderly, infirm or psychiatric patients.

Also called as certified nursing assistants, certified nurse aides are trained to assist and guide patients in every action they do. If you have the interest of helping patients, a CNA career will surely suit you. However, you must answer the CNA test questions exam correctly to become a certified nursing assistant. Most employers and medical facilities give good compensation to CNA workers, with nurse aides receiving an average $10 per hour. You can also work in related occupations like medical assistants, occupational therapist assistants and child care workers.

There are two parts of the certification exam: written and practical. Both written and practical CNA test questions exam must be taken on the same day. Usually, the written part of the exam uses a multiple choice format. The average number of test questions is seventy (70). However, the number of questions and the passing grade can vary from state to state. Since the written test is purely objective, applicants must review on CNA concepts and terms learned from training schools.

The practical or hands-on portion requests CNA candidates to perform basic skills and procedures. Each applicant is given twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes to demonstrate what is asked by the designated evaluator. You must do at least five (5) CNA skills and procedures in this particular CNA test questions exam . CNA candidates should not worry if they failed the exam, since most of the states in the U.S. give three attempts for nurse aide applicants to pass the CNA test.


  1. earnest walker says:

    How many question do u need to answer to pass cna test FL?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      In Florida, this might not be made public. Depending on the weightiness given to each question, the number might differ. As such, it is worth attending the practice tests provided by the prometric web site for your state

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