August 16, 2017

The Necessary CNA Requirements in Texas

Certified nurse aides (CNAs) are trusted medical workers who guide and care for sick and immobile patients. Because of the rapidly growing medical industry, the demand for CNA workers has also increased. According to the Texas Labor Market Information Workforce Informer, the employment demand for nurse aides will increase at 27% by 2018 in Texas. In order to become a CNA, you must complete the CNA requirements in Texas . Requirements include taking the CNA programs and passing the certification test.

Nurse aides, otherwise known as nurse assistants, are hired by several industries such as hospitals, nursing care centers and employment services. They basically the needs and condition of their patients like helping them in bathing and eating. Under the supervision of a head nurse, nurse assistants perform clinical and medical tasks such as completing nurse assessments, administering medication and operating medical equipment. To ensure quality care and service, nurse aides are required to attend the available CNA training programs as part of the CNA requirements in Texas .

Community colleges, vocational schools and medical facilities are offering CNA programs. One of the CNA requirements in Texas is completing at least 75 hours of CNA training. The training program is divided into classroom instruction (at least 51 hours) and clinical training (at least 24 hours). However, the duration of the training depends on the school or program you enrolled. For example, El Paso Community College offers 240-hour training program. Students will need to pass the Competency Evaluation Program once you completed the training.

The state competency test or the CNA test is designed to test your knowledge and skills about being a nurse assistant. If you pass the competency exam, the Texas Nurse Aide Registry will notify and permit you to work as a CNA. Certification is considered the last requirement to become a nurse aide. By working as a CNA, you will really enjoy good compensation from employers. reports that the annual median salary of CNA workers is $28,000 in Texas. Start completing the CNA requirements in Texas and work as a nurse assistant.

Here are some of the schools and facilities that offer CNA training in Texas:

    • El Paso Community College, 9050 Viscount Blvd., El Paso, TX 79925, (915) 831-3722
    • Cedar Valley College, 3030 N. Dallas Ave., Lancaster, TX 75134-3799, (972) 860-8258
    • Palo Pinto Nursing Center, 200 Southwest 25th Avenue, Mineral Wells, TX 76067-8242(940) 325-7813

  • North Texas Institute-Career, 4005 Campus Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119-5529(817) 332-7866 ‎
  • Santa Fe Health & Rehab, 1205 Santa Fe Drive, Weatherford, TX 76086-5819(817) 594-8302 ‎


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