August 20, 2017

The Process for CNA Certification in Illinois

CNA training is a basic level training that you can jump off into a higher level of health care or you can advance your own training to a higher level. Across the country CNA opportunities are growing because of the population called “baby boomers” are reaching their golden years and healthcare professions are recession proof.  There is always a need for a CNA.  So what is the process for CNA Certification in Illinois?


Regulated by the Illinois Department of Health, the Health Care Worker Registry hold the names of CNA’s who have completed training approved for CNA’s and have passed a written and manual skills examination.


The State of Illinois requires a 75-hour section of classroom training and 100 hours in a clinical setting.  As with almost each state, projected nursing shortages are to increase drastically because of the aging population.  Your time and financial investment in training could be eight to thirteen weeks.  Before you start your program, be sure you have an accredited program so you don’t waste your valuable time and money.


Geriatric long-term facilities will often train if you commit to working for a certain amount of time.  They will also pay your application and testing fees.  Geriatric care is a rewarding job to be part of a team that cares for those who have no family or forgotten as you can make a difference in someone’s life.


CNA Certification in Illinois has some requirements to have completed prior to taking your nurse competency examination.  A background/criminal history check along with fingerprints, current immunizations and a TB test taken in the last six months as well as a GED or High School diploma. The Illinois Nurse Aide Testing program is responsible for the administration of the written test and performance clinical skills. Go to their website to download all the forms and make sure you complete all the information necessary.


You will not regret investing in the training to achieve your CNA Certification in Illinois. You will always have opportunities for employment and you can make a slightly higher salary in that part of the country.



  1. Can you get your cna licence with out a deplomia in springfield IL?

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