August 23, 2017

The Steps for CNA Certification in Indiana

CNA training is an intelligent decision to make no matter where you live, including Indiana as the Bureau of Labor Statistics project a continual climb in the field for employment opportunities. If you live in Indiana, look to CNA Certification in Indiana.

Indiana mandates one hundred and five hours of an approved training program. Classroom study includes 30 hours with 75-80 in a clinical work as hands on training in a geriatric facility as a nursing home.

The Indiana State Department of Health approves the CNA training programs. Many of the training program fees are reimbursed after you become certified and take employment. The role of the CNA according to the State Statutes in Indiana is to provide for the daily care, comfort, safety and health needs of the residents. The CNA is an important member of the health care team.

In Indiana, the majority of CNA’s are working in long-term care as in nursing homes and other geriatric faculties. The majority of the clinical hours are spent in these facilities for this reason. Duties are varied but governed by the Registered Nurse or physician. CNA’s in Indiana are permitted to read patient’s charts and will often be a liaison between the nursing staff, and family.

CNA Certification in Indiana includes the mandated curriculum of the State of Indiana. All training programs for the most part carry mirrored curriculum and the manual for training is on the Indiana State Department of Health website. Training includes the basic nursing skills and personal care in addition interacting with the patients who are in different stages of dementia, helping the patients socialize and interact with activates and assisting with patients moving to and from rehabilitation services.

You will also learn emergency care, infection control, the rights of patients, and a host of other valuable training that is administered by an educator for CNA students. If you are coming from out of state, contact the Department of Health for reciprocity. In some cases, you may need to re-take CNA training.

The State of Indiana in recent years has contracted with Ivey Technical Community College who administers and monitors testing facilities throughout Indiana.

You do not need a High School diploma or GED to take the Indiana CNA Certification in Indiana CNA nurse certification exam. You will need to complete a background check. Do your homework to find a state approved course and join the ranks of CNA who are gainfully employed that are not only passionate about their patients but also passionate about their careers.


  1. nestor howe says:

    How long does it take to be CNA Certified?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This can range from 3 weeks to around 12 weeks. Training has to be completed both from the theoretical aspect and the hands on aspect. After this, you have to take the NNAAP exam to get certified

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