August 20, 2017

The Steps to Become A Certified Nurse Assistant Instructor

People who want to teach are those special people who wan to pass on their knowledge in hopes of passing a gift. That is the case when it comes to the path of the Certified Nurse Assistant Instructor.

The nursing profession across the United States is enjoying an exponential period of growth. Baby boomers are now in there sixties. Family caregivers are wearing out. And if you are reading this, you want to teach your profession and you should! Classes to meet the need of this demand for CNA’s are creating teaching positions at a rapid pace.

How do you meet the criteria to be a Certified Nurse Assistant Instructor? First, it is best if you a licensed Registered Nurse in the state you will teach, and well acquainted with the role of the CNA as part of the health care team. You will want to double check with the state licensing division to be sure. It is worth the check. You have worked with CNA’s and know what their responsibilities and the care duties to their patients.

Many states require RN’s as a teacher to teach CNA students plus two years of experience in a health care environment. You also need experience in a nursing home or assisted living facility as many CNA students work in these geriatric settings. The experience needs to be within the last 5 years.

You may be required as in such states as Missouri and Pennsylvania and California, to take a course to instruct CNA’s. Do your homework first so you have all the requirements so time is not wasted. Apply for your instructor’s license upon completion of the course. It is also important you are in good physical health as you will be covering clinical portions of the course and will need to demonstrate a lift or transfer of the patient.

As a Certified Nurse Assistant Instructor, you need to become familiar with the state regulations and requirements that govern Certified Nurse Assistants. Keep up with changes so you can make appropriate changes to the curriculum. Enjoy imparting your gift of teaching and knowledge to your eager CNA student’s.

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