August 20, 2017

The Two-Part CNA Examination Questions

Due to the increasing demand for medical workers, more individuals are attracted to work as certified nursing assistant. But first, you have to take and pass the certification exam to possess a valid certification. To pass the CNA test, you have to answer the CNA examination questions properly. Working as a certified nursing assistant is really satisfying. Nursing assistants, also called as nurse aides, are long-term care providers to immobile patients. Their patients include elderly, psychiatric or injured patients. Nurse aide jobs fit you if you have the heart to serve people.

The CNA certification test is developed to ensure that workers are prepared and skilled to work in this demanding industry. The CNA examination questions will measure your knowledge and skills as a nurse assistance. The task of assisting patients is not easy and it needs proper experience and training to do well in the job. Nurse aides may be asked to do unpleasant chores like cleaning dentures or emptying bedpans. They may also deal with violent and irritable patients. Your certification will show that you are qualified to work for CNA jobs.

There are two parts of the certification test: practical and written. Each part has a different set of CNA examination questions . You have to get most of the questions correctly to pass the license test. The written part is purely objective, which usually uses a multiple choice format. The number of test questions and the passing percentage differs from every state. Just like most licensure examinations, the test is printed in English. However, you can take the test in oral English or other languages like Spanish if you have problems in understanding English.

The practical or hands-on exam requires applicants to perform basic nursing assistant procedures and skills. Candidates must perform at least (5) CNA examination questions perfectly. A designated person is tasked to evaluate your performance during the practical exam. Skills to be demonstrated include catheter care, mouth care, and denture cleaning. CNA candidates must have to pass both written and practical exam to become certified. The good thing is that you can retake the portion on which you did not pass. Also, most states in the U.S. provide three attempts to CNA applicants to pass the exam.

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