August 22, 2017

Things to Remember about Florida CNA Exam Questions

Due to the expanding medical industry today, the demand for certified nursing assistants (CNA) will increase in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics Occupational Handbook, the overall employment of nursing, psychiatric and home health aides is predicted to grow much faster than the average rate. With a growing demand for nurse aides, it is the best time for you to join the CNA industry. However, you must pass the Florida CNA exam questions to get a working license. Certification is essential because nursing assistants are not eligible for employment if they are not licensed.

Nurse aides, also known as nursing assistants, are experienced medical workers who provide long-term care and assistance to sick and immobile patients. CNA candidates must have a good performance based on answering the Florida CNA exam questions . Just like any license test, the CNA test is made to check the skills and knowledge of a nursing assistant candidate. Knowing the stressful nature of CNA jobs, the industry needs skilled workers who can face any challenge in the profession.

The CNA certification test is divided into written and hands-on parts. The written exam is purely theoretical and usually uses a multiple choice format. In this exam, you need to be refreshed about concepts and procedures you have learned in training school. The hands-on or practical portion requires applicants to demonstrate at least five (5) Florida CNA exam questions . CNA skills like taking blood pressure and pulse, recording urinary output and providing mouth care are performed during the hands-on portion. Applicants are given twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes to do each task.

Nurse aides must be able to complete and pass both written and hands-on exams. There are many ways to prepare in taking Florida CNA exam questions. You can start your preparation by making a study guide that will contain essential information about CNA. Also, there are practice tests available online, with most CNA websites offering them for free. Passing the certification exam is actually easy since most states in the U.S. give three attempts to applicants in passing the test. You can even retake the portion which you have failed to pass.


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