August 22, 2017

Training for CNA Certification Free In Massachusetts

Certified Nursing Assistants are the first entry-level job associated with the health care team.  It is a good career to start and advance to a higher level of nursing or to enjoy where you are.  If you have a low or no income and want to train, live near Boston or surrounding areas, there is CNA Certification Free in Massachusetts.

The Continuing Education Department or Workforce can be of great help to you to find the training and you could qualify for your program to be free.  I you have children, you could qualify for a grant but you will need to be between the ages of 17-21 as well as completed high school.  Uniforms and related expenses could also be paid for.


CNA Certification Free in Massachusetts could also be acquired through working for nursing care facilities. Often they will pay for your training if you work for them for a specified amount of time.  You have lots of exploring to do but training can be found to jump you to a new career.


If you are a position where you have been trained and certified, you could work for a Medicare or Medicaid CNA provider and all of your expenses and training tuition can be awarded back to you.


Wherever you receive your CNA Certification Free in Massachusetts, make sure the program is accredited by the State.  Check with your Nurse’s Registry to acquire the most up to date information.  Dedication to the training is paramount as it is intensive with a minimum of 75 hours coursework and 100 hours of clinical training.


Prerequisites to meet are a current background check, a negative TB test within 6 months, current immunizations, and fingerprint cards. A GED or High School diploma is not necessary.  Other resources are the Massachusetts Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the Massachusetts Nurses Aid Registry.


Enjoy the career you will train for. Healthcare services are recession proof so find your free training and jump into the field ready to serve and assist the healthcare team.


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