August 23, 2017

Training the Trainer: How to Get CNA Instructor Training in MO

The current shortage of nurses may be the result of the lack of professors and instructors in most medical schools in the United States. In the previous years, thousands of qualified students have not succeeded in getting admitted because of the universities and colleges’ regulation of the student volume. As a temporary cure to the crisis, federal states have established and open opportunities training programs for certified nursing assistants or CNAs who may be able to perform the basic duties of nurses. With the current influx of CNA students, it also follows that there are higher demands for CNA instructors.

States vary with the requirements for CNA training programs. One can therefore expect that a particular state has specific set of pre-requisites for the instructors. Registered Nurses and experienced CNAs who may have completed higher levels of trainings may be qualified to be an instructor in CNA classes. Licensed Practical Nurses, CNA II and Registered Nurses usually administer the classroom discussions and practical hands-on clinical trainings. Their licenses and work experience, nonetheless, may not be enough. They still need to go through CNA instructor training in MO.

Individuals who aim to work as a CNA instructor need to be approved by the Department of Health & Senior Services or DHSS. Registered nurses or medical professionals who acquired temporary permit from the Missouri State Board of Nursing may be qualified to take CNA instructor training in MO provided that they have at least two years of work experienced a year of employment in an LTC facility, within 5 years after their certification.

Upon the submission of these requirements, the DHSS will evaluate and asses the credentials of the applicants, who will be notified within seven to ten working days should they qualify for CNA instructor training in MO. The applicants should then attend and pass the state approved train-the-trainer course. Graduation from the program will get them in the CNA Instructor Registry. Build a career as CNA instructor now. The following schools are currently in need of certified CNA instructors:

  • Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, 912 Wildwood P.O. Box 570 Jefferson City, Missouri 65102,(573) 751-6400
  • Moberly Area Community College, 101 College Avenue Moberly, MO 65270-1304, (660) 263-4110
  • Life Skills Foundation, 10176 Corporate Sq Dr # 100, Saint Louis – (314) 567-7705
  • Tauheed Youth Development Life, 010 San Francisco Avenue, Saint Louis, (314) 381-9105
  • Penn Valley Community College, 3201 Southwest Trafficway, Kansas City ,(816) 604-4000


  1. How to be a cna instructor?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It has several steps. First you need to undergo CNA training. Then you might have to pass the certification exam (NNAAP) to become a CNA. However you might have to become a RN to be an instructor. After this, you should work for at least a few years and practically should be able to demonstrate nurse skills to students to become one

  2. Cameron Dawson says:

    How much do cna make in bethany MO?

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