August 22, 2017

Typical Clinical Research Coordinator Salaries

Job Description


Before taking a deeper plunge into figuring out clinical research coordinator salaries, why not spend a couple of minutes learning a little more about the job description. If you have a better knowledge base of the description, it may also help you to decide if this is the right job for you without seeing money before responsibility.


As a clinical research coordinator, you will oversee experiment/trial/project information at all times. You will need to have your high school diploma or GED and two years or mor experience in a related field. You will also act as the liason between the group and the volunteer test subjects at all times.


A clinical research coordinator must also possess great oral and written communication skills. It is vital to every individual involved that supreme communication efforts are established and maintained throughout the duration of the trial/study/project. You will report to a manager at all times.

Talking Money


Clinical research coordinator salaries vary. Some reasons that contribute to the variations are location, facility size, and experience. Most often, larger facilities, and those located in densely populated areas offer higher clinical research coordinator salaries. This, by no means, suggests that any particular state’s employees are better than those in another state.


There is a median salary in which is used for averaging. The figure is prepared by gathering information on clinical research coordinator salaries throughout the United States. The average median income, per year in the United States alone, is $55,471.00. This is to be perceived as a basic average median which does not reflect all clinical research coordinator salaries all over.


Looking at the percentages, $40,730 can be expected within the 10% range. $47,755.00 falls within the 25th percentile, $65,092.00 averages out in the 75th percentile, and $73,852.00 is an average in the 90th percentile of clinical research coordinator salaries across the span of the United States.


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