August 22, 2017

Understanding Quantum Clinical Research

To understand quantum clinical research is difficult, and even a controversial matter to some. The experimentation of medicinal drugs and procedures on human beings is one way to put what quantum clinical research means. First, take a look into the meaning from a scientific and medical point-of-view.


Pharmaceutical companies spend countless hours and trial-and-errors when it comes to developing new drugs. After a drug is at the point of the testing phase, if the drug is meant for human usage, human test subjects are needed. The subjects are needed in order to understand how the drug works, risks and benefits, and all possible complications therein.


Volunteers for quantum clinical research are strictly volunteers. The research is not performed on unwilling participants at any time. A clinical research team, along with a clinical research coordinator, will be with the human test subject through the entirety of the experimentation.


The volunteer(s) will be aware of all of the phases of the experimentation and will be kept informed of all findings at all times by the clinical coordinator ( who acts as a liason ). All possible complications and other information will be provided to the human test subject before the beginning of the experimentation and a waiver will be signed.



The Controversial Side


Quantum clinical research also brings about controversy. Some people view the research as inhumane and unnecessary, whether the test subjects are human or animal. However, without human research, the advancement of medicine, and possible cures for serious illnesses, may never be found. The absence of research through quantum clinical research would cause a significant decline in the well-being of persons all over the world.


Some feel that it is morally wrong, or just plain cruel, to subject individuals, to possible life-threatening complications of a new drug. People are entitled to their own moral convictions and beliefs, but they must also remember that the quantum clinical research is performed only by willing volunteers that have had an explanation and have signed a waiver.


As epidemics like HIV, AIDS, and cancer are spreading fast all over the world, the need for medicine is greater than ever to sustain human life. Through qualified research teams, doctors, and medical advancement in technology, quantum clinical research just may shed some hope for tomorrow.


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