August 20, 2017

Using a CNA Certification Practice Exam

The suggested CNA certification practice exam may vary depending on which state you live in. Each exam has two parts that include a demonstration of clinical skills and a multiple-choice written exam. The written exam is the basis for the questions found on practice exams. Some of the things that you can expect to be on a practice exam include questions about specific nursing skills, record keeping and patient privacy and ethical issues. These are very similar to the questions that will appear on your real exam.

You can choose a CNA certification practice exam that’s convenient for you. The Pearson Education website has practice exams available that are state-specific. If the exam you’ll be taking is the Pearson one, you can register for an exam through their website. Some states use the exam associated with the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, also known as NNAAP. You can find practice exams based on this test as well. If your state permits testing in Spanish, it can be helpful to look for Spanish-language practice exams. Some students may prefer to review more than one practice exam to ensure they know the material very well.

Most practice exams will have somewhere around 50 questions on them. It’s helpful to use your CNA certification practice exam in a setting as close to a real testing environment as possible. Give yourself two hours, using a watch as a timer. Keep any TVs or radios turned off to eliminate distractions. Answer each question the best that you can. After you’ve completed your questions, check your answer key for any missed questions. Retake the practice test until you’ve answered all your questions correctly. Make sure you study any areas that you missed.

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