August 22, 2017

Using CNA Certification Test Questions

The CNA certification test questions that you’ll need to use will depend on which exam your state uses. Many use the exam set by National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, also known as NNAAP. Some states use exams from Pearson or other noted educational companies. You’ll want to find out which one is used in your state to ensure that you see the correct questions. Better preparation using the correct materials will help you obtain a better overall score.

Even though the CNA certification test questions may vary slightly, reviewing a few key skills from your curriculum will help. You can expect the questions to cover aspects of patients’ physical care, their psychosocial needs, and how to handle hypothetical situations that involve privacy or safety issues. Most exams include three or four possible answers to choose from. It’s important to understand what the best possible answer is, because questions may seem to have more than one possible answer. The practice exam will have an answer key so you can see if your answers are correct.

Many consider using practice CNA certification test questions to be an essential part of the study process. Students who use practice tests generally have better scores than students who don’t. When you use a practice test, replicate a testing environment as closely as possible. Give yourself about two hours, and make sure you don’t have any unnecessary distractions. Use the provided answer key to check your questions and make sure they’re correct. Make note of any you’ve missed so you can review the appropriate sections in your textbook. You can try to take the test again until you’ve answered all your questions correctly. After working with the practice questions, you’ll be better-prepared for the real exam.


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