August 22, 2017

Verify CNA license: The Nuances Involved

A certified nursing assistant or CNA is a healthcare professional who is in the entry level of the healthcare sector. The main responsibility for a certified nursing assistant is to take care of patients and help them live their lives in dignity during their last years. The main job role for any CNA is to perform simple tasks like helping patients use the bathroom, help patients sit up, prepare their meals and most importantly take vital readings.

A CNA works under the direct supervision of a registered nurse (RN). You need this CNA license number when applying for jobs. If you are a CNA and are wondering how to get your license verified, then please go through the following article. Once you complete your certified nursing assistant exam you are awarded with a CNA license.

But if you have lost your CNA license for various reasons, it can be hard situation looking for a job. Your potential employers are most likely going to ask you for proof that you have done your CNA certification training. Your CNA license is the proof that you have completed your CNA certification program in the state. This is where you need to verify CNA license.

In case, you loose your CNA license, you can find it through the following the steps.

Visit your state nursing assistant registry: The first and most important step to verify your CNA license is to visit your state nursing assistant registry. Almost all the states in the United States have a nursing board for the respective state. You can select the state nursing board website from which you have got your CNA license from and type in your social security number or your name in the given box and press enter.

This is where it is imperative that you remember your social security number for the fact that you will need it during these kind of situations. Once you press enter you get your details along with your CNA license number. Note it down safely and contact your state’s nursing board. Make sure you are talking to the appropriate person and tell them you situation, give them details they need about your CNA license.

Once you have spoken to them, you can request them for copy of your CNA license. The copy of your CNA license can be mailed to you. Upon receiving your CNA license, you would want to make a couple of copies. When submitting online, in case the verification form doesn’t work, you can directly call your state’s nursing board to request them for a copy of your CNA license.

To verify CNA license, you have to understand that the process is simple and the same time effective . Once you get your CNA license verified, you can resume working as a CNA.


  1. How do you get your CNA state license number?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This is easy. Most states do offer this information online. You have to enter personal details at the verification tab of your local CNA registry site. There, you can have your license number displayed.

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